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This site is owned and managed by the non-profit and independent organization (CAMPUS MAROC). Please read carefully the terms and conditions below, as they represent the terms and conditions of use for this site.

 The use and access to the Campus Maroc.Tv website is determined by the following rules and conditions:

* general information

* Use of website contents

* Use of the site

* Other conditions and instructions about using the site

* Terms of use for comments service on the pages of the website «Maroc Campus Tv»

* Agreeing to the terms

 1 - Introduction and general information

Campus Maroc.Tv is a news asset on which the independent non-commercial "CAMPUS MAROC" is based. By using or visiting this site, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions that the “CAMPUS MAROC” establishes on its site from time to time. And your access to it and your participation or downloading of materials from the site indicates your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. The independent non-commercial organization "Campus Maroc" has the right to amend these rules and undertakes to include all changes in this document. Site users themselves follow these changes and make a decision about their desire to continue using or leaving the site.

2 - Use of the contents of the site

All contents of the website (video, text, images ... etc.) are not subject to reproduction, reproduction, printing, other than re-publication in the public media or otherwise disposed of, and the contents are exclusively intended for personal use and for non-commercial purposes. Only independent non-commercial "Campus Maroc" has the right to grant permission to use the contents of the site.
Send the request using the website contents via the following email:

[email protected]
The user may not modify the contents of the site or make additions, as well as use them as a source for private activities. The contents of the site are intended for personal use and not for commercial purposes. Any other use of the site’s contents requires written consent from the independent non-commercial "Campus Maroc".

 3- Use of the site

It is allowed to use this site for legitimate purposes within the framework of the legislation in force in the Kingdom of Morocco, and it is not necessary to violate or limit the rights of any third party, including harassment, defamation, and the use of obscene and offensive language against third methods, and any other behavior that may be considered inappropriate and punishable by law.

 Do not do any An act related to the transfer or inclusion of inappropriate material on the site, or that would violate the functionality of the educational and news site.

 News, names, photos, figures and all elements related to the independent non-commercial "Campus Maroc" organization and its products and services (or products and services of third parties) are provided as they are and as you see them on the site. 

The independent non-commercial organization "Campus Maroc" and the management of the "Campus Maroc TV" TV channel are not responsible for any direct or indirect losses arising from misuse of the site or its inability to use it, as well as loss of content or failure to obtain a profit as a result of negligence or filing a lawsuit. Judicial related to the use of the site.

 The "Campus Maroc" independent non-commercial organization does not guarantee a permanent continuity of the site’s work or the absence of errors in the system, or the obligation to correct those errors, as well as the site’s free from viruses.

The names, names, images and drawings that distinguish the independent non-commercial "Campus Maroc" organization, the "Campus Maroc TV" TV channel and / or any third party, as well as its products and services, are the property of the "Campus Maroc" Foundation or any third party. The use of these elements on the site cannot be considered a transfer of the right of "Campus Maroc" or a third party. 

 You hereby agree that you are solely responsible for your use of this site. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the independent non-commercial "Campus Maroc" organization, the "Campus Maroc TV" TV channel and its employees, operators and agents are not responsible for the warranties associated with this site, whether explicitly or implicitly.

The independent non-commercial organization “Campus Maroc” and the “Campus Maroc TV” channel are not responsible for the existence of any material content posted on third-party websites or materials accessed through this site. If you decide to visit any site via its link, you assume the risk and responsibility of taking all protective measures against viruses and other destructive pests.

4- Terms of using the comments service

 Terms of use of the comment service on the independent non-commercial "Campus Maroc" website and "Campus Maroc TV" TV channel or on social media networks.

We ask all visitors to the “Campus Maroc TV” channel to be polite and objective when posting comments.

 Here are some conditions that must be taken into consideration:

 The posted comments do not express the opinion of our site, but rather the opinion of the owners

 It is forbidden to oppose any person, religious or political person, institution or organization, whether political or social, with vulgar insults and accusations or insulting them. If this clause is violated, the member will be banned immediately for an unspecified time.

It is prohibited to place links to external sites for the purpose of publishing and advertising, or links to other pages that are not related to the topic. In the event that this clause is violated, the comment will be removed from the list, and in the event of repeated posting of the link, the member will be banned.

It is prohibited to direct or indirect calls to spread sedition or sectarianism or to the use of violence or killing against any person, entity or entity. In case of violation, the member will be banned.

It is forbidden to repeat the same comment more than once. If this clause is violated, the duplicate comments will be deleted, and in the event of repeated posting, the member will be banned.

The user alone bears all responsibility for displaying his data and for any claims and damages, the rights of the third party, and any legal action or action resulting from the use and display of the material on this site.

Comments are allowed in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Amazigh only, if a comment is published in a language other than these languages, the comment will be deleted.

 To report offensive or disrespectful comments, please contact the site's editorial staff via email

[email protected]

 Mentioning the username and the link to the page where the abuse took place. Management will consider this issue.

 5- Agreeing to the terms

The above conditions are valid from the moment you enter the site. If you do not agree with these terms completely, please leave the site without delay.